Data Protection Policy

Several people on Lib Dem Voice have asked questions about data protection issues relating to this campaign after we sent an email on Friday evening.

To be clear, we don’t share data provided to us with anyone else. We never have and we never will. Our data is stored in a web database that only the campaign can access.

As campaigners, of course we want to use the widest range of tactics in order to get rid of secret courts. These put an end to fair trials and threaten the Rule of Law itself across the UK. They are being used now to cover up torture and kidnap in which British officials are said to be involved.

At the time that Secret Courts was passed, we considered and discounted trying to channel the justifiable fury of members into a challenge to the leadership – as a way of getting a leader that would be prepared to deliver Liberal Democrat party policy opposing secret courts. The benefit of hindsight is a great thing – perhaps we should have gone ahead at that time.

Times have changed and we were alerted to the Lib Dems for Change campaign, and we agreed with the analysis. So we sent one email which provided information about the campaign.  The email was sent by us and not by Lib Dems for Change.

People have disagreed with our campaign tactics now and in the past. They have every right to do so – and, should they wish not to hear from us again, every email we send out has an unsubscribe link. But that won’t stop us doing whatever it takes to get Secret Courts struck from the statute books. It’s a tragedy for our party and for liberalism in the UK that the Lib Dem leadership has so far failed to take proper notice. We look forward to the day when we have a leader prepared to deliver Lib Dem party policy.

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