Petition against Secret Courts

Following the debate at the Liberal Democrats September conference in Brighton, we want to make sure that our MPs, Peers and Ministers deliver on the motion that was passed there.

Can you help?  If so, please join the people who have backed the campaign so far, sign the petition below and then pass the word on to as many friends and colleagues as possible via email or social media.

Petition against Secret Courts

In line with the clear and overwhelming decision of conference, we the undersigned members of the Liberal Democrats reaffirm our opposition to secret courts and our commitment to the rule of law, open justice, the holding of government to account, the right to a fair trial and the protection of civil liberties. We therefore call upon our ministers and parliamentarians to:

  • withdraw or vote down Part II of the Justice and Security Bill and
  • put the current “Public Interest Immunity Certificate” scheme on a statutory footing.

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