Questions for candidates for Federal party committees / European lists

Signed the petition? Shared it online? Want to help the campaign a bit more? Course you do!

Here’s how:

Lots of people are currently seeking election to the Lib Dem Federal committees: Federal Executive, Federal Policy Committee and Federal Conference Committee. And lots of people are seeking your vote to be our European parliamentary list candidates. (Many of them have been talking about it on Facebook and many have election pages.)

If you are a supporter of this campaign, and for the Federal committee elections if you are a Federal Conference Rep (because that means you have a vote) you could ask anyone standing for one of these posts:

1. what is their stance on the secret courts plan? and

2. what they want our parliamentarians to do in the light of the overwhelming rejection of secret courts by conference?

You could also ask Tim Farron, newly elected as our Party President unopposed, what he plans to do about it?

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6 Responses to Questions for candidates for Federal party committees / European lists

  1. Jo says:

    In case it isn’t clear, I should set out my position on this, as I’m re-standing for FE. 🙂

    I expect our parliamentarians to push for Part II of the Justice and Security Bill to be withdrawn. And if it is not, I expect all of our parliamentarians to vote against Part II of the Justice and Security Bill, in the light of the overwhelming vote at Conference. And I want them to put Public Interest Immunity (the current system for dealing with security sensitive material) on a statutory basis.

  2. Martin says:

    I like to think I’m pretty sound on this… 🙂

    Does building this website count as support?

  3. Jo Hayes says:

    I spoke against secret courts at Conference and haven’t changed my mind.

  4. Dr Susan Juned says:

    The stance taken on civil liberties is the reason why I joined the Party. I have seen the results of a lack of respect for the freedom of the individual and openness of the democratic and justice system whilst living abroad and wish to show my determination that this country should not take this route. I have always been an advocate of civil liberties whilst on FE and formerly FPC in the past and will continue to do so.

  5. Nigel Jones says:

    I want our leadership and all our MPs to stand for the policy voted at our conference, against Part ll for the bill. I am a candidate for FCC and assume that we stand by Liberal Democrat principles unfettered by the consequences for the coalition.

  6. David Grace says:

    I am a candidate for FPC and FCC. I’m a member of Liberty and fully support Shami Chakrabarti’s campaign against secret courts. I was pleased that conference gave a clear message to our parliamentarians despite orchestrated opposition from popular and trusted MPs and peers. Our half of the quad and cabinet ministers should now press for the government to drop Part II of the Justice and Security Bill and if they fail then MPs and peers should vote against it.

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