More evidence of British complicity in torture

Channel 4 news on Friday contained a report by Kevin Toolis about Abdul-Hakim Belhaj.

Belhaj is the Libyan man, now a member of the post-Gadaffi government, who was kidnapped and returned to Libya in 2004 with the complicity of British security services personnel. He is now suing Jack Straw and the British government for damages for the torture he sustained on his return.

There has been an unseemly rush to complete the progress of the Justice and Security Bill through parliament. The main reason is the claims brought by Belhaj and others. If the Bill passes in its current (or even JCHR amended) form, Mr Belhaj’s claim will almost certainly be dealt with by a CMP, and the true extent of the involvement of the British government in his torture and kidnap will never be known. We understand the Bill is due to go into Report stage in the House of Commons in the week commencing 25th February – Eastleigh by-election week.

Toolis’ excellent report shows the level and extent of British complicity in torture, and the assistance being given to Gadaffi in finding and tracking down the people who opposed him, all over the world. It is shocking and a must-see.

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